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Room Offered North Bay: Room w own bath in 2b/house, amazing bay view and price below market

Sausalito CA

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Rent: $1200
Parking: Included
Pets: NO Pets

I own a lease for a 2bedroom, 2 bath apartment and looking for a female housemate in a beautiful neighborhood in Sausalito (up the hill, Mediterranean style and atmosphere!). It's really close to SF (I work in downtown and take the bus or the ferry there).

About the apartment: it's in a bigger house, separate unit/entry from the rest of the house; garden, front and back patios. You will have the smaller bedroom (unfurnished), which has its own bath, and actually has the best views towards the garden and the ocean (at less than half the overall rent). Washer, dryer in unit (storage room). Living and dining room is furnished.

About me: 30+ yo professional female, occasionally work from home, health conscious when it comes to food, chemicals, etc. I have a 4 yr old adorable Ragdoll cat, so unfortunately this means no more pets.

Rent: your share will be $1200/mo, which is really amazing considering what this apt. and location has to offer, plus half of all utilities (which are usually up to $500/mo total and include garbage, water, electricity and gas, cable/internet, land phone and maid service). I might ask for a month deposit as well.

Term: flexible, which means you can move out whenever you want, with one month notice!

So in summary, what's so amazing about this place? The location will win you over immediately, the price is below market and the term is flexible!

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